Friday, June 20, 2008

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

One of the many details related to moving that is weighing heavily on my mind is how in the heck we’re to be able to transport it from the island back to the states since our auto insurance coverage is valid in the USVI only. Most policies down here are like that -- at least for people who are relatively new to the islands -- insurance companies will only extend coverage for you within the territories themselves.

The second you take yourself or your car off island, your insurance policy is nullified and you are hung out to dry unless you secure other coverage (such as those incredibly expensive rental car policies that are offered). That option works fine when it’s just the drive that needs insuring, but doesn’t help at all when it comes to protecting your vehicle.

So I’ve been taxing my brain on how to get coverage for our little Saturn so that it’s protected for every bit of it’s 2500 mile journey back to Michigan. Getting a policy from a mainland insurance provider turned out to be a no-go -- they won’t write coverage until you can provide proof that you already live in the continental US. With some miracles of timing -- namely closing on our new house before we ship the car off island, that might have worked out, but there’s just too many ways that could go wrong and leave us without insurance while our car is taking its long boat ride across the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

I was running into so many obstacles that I had started to wonder f this was a sign from the fates that making this move wasn’t a good idea. You see, every time I make a major life decision, I start receiving little signs from the universe as to whether the decision I made is the right one. I’d been waiting to see what the fates had to say about our decision t move from the USVI back to the great white north, and was starting to get seriously worried that this might be the first sign, and that it fell squarely into the DON’T DO IT/BAD IDEA column.

Just as I was about to declare hopelessness to the HipHubby, an envelope containing renewal info for our auto insurance coverage arrived from our insurance agent. Our agent was pleased to inform us that for the first time since we arrived on St. Croix four years ago, we actually had a choice of policies this year -- we could either continue with out same USVI coverage only or, for a mere $16 more per year, take out a policy that covered us in the territory, on Puerto Rico, and in the US and Canada.

And that, my friends, is just the sign I’ve been waiting for. We’re definitely doing the right thing.

Next on the signs list -- meeting with out realtor to go over what price we can expect to get for the house and how long he estimates it will take for it to sell. This meeting should be happening in the next four or five days. If those numbers end up being what I hope they will be, we are full speed ahead for the move from Paradise back to the Great White North.

If you have a minute, ask the fates to think kindly of us over these next few days. I could use a few more nods from the Universe letting me know that we’re doing the right thing at the right time.

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Stephanie said...

I realize this is an old post, and you didn't write in 2009 (I guess the fact that I caught your blog in you cc sig wasn;t something I have been overlooking for ages). But did you ever move to Michigan? I had gotten the impression you were still in the Virgin Islands?