Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Trip to Puerto Rico, By the Numbers

Transfers In and Out of My Wheelchair: 38

Hours Spent in Airports: 7

Hours Spent on Airplanes: 2

Transfers On and Off Planes in an Aisle Chair: 4

Bodily Injuries Sustained While in an Aisle Chair: 3

Gawkers Staring During Use of Aisle Chair : 37

Airline Preboards for Wheelchair Users: 1

Medical Appointments: 2

Hours Spent at Medical Appointments: 3

Hours Spent Traveling to/from Medical Appointments (including Air Travel): 12.5

Cost of Medical Appointment Co-Pays: $178.36

Cost of Travel to/from Medical Appointments: $859.74

Taxis Summoned: 5

Taxis Actually Taken: 2

Hotel Beds Used: 1

Hotel Pillows Used: 11

Urine Collection Bags Used: 3

Embarrassing Incidents Involving Urine Collection Bags: 3

Birthdays Celebrated: 1

Birthday Good Wishes Received: 57

Other Birthday Celebrations Encountered: 2

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