Friday, March 05, 2010

I’ve Had it With…(A Collection of Mini-Rants)

…my bowels. (Nothing like starting with way too much information.)  People with spinal cord damage have to devote way too much time to making sure their bowels behave.  After a long period of trial and error, I’d finally found a perfect formula for pooing -- a delicate balance of fiber and water, probiotics, stool softeners and prunes was working brilliantly for me.  And then I started taking a new med that causes constipation, and suddenly I’m back to square one.  No one should have to spend so much time and energy on shit.

…seeing my beloved HipHubby in pain.  His back is fried because he has to help haul my dysfunctional body and heavy wheelchair all over the place.  We’re having a hell of a time trying to get him pan relief because there are so many drug seekers out there claiming back pain, and because doctors just don’t/won’t understand that taking a one hour class on proper lifting techniques won’t relieve his back spasms or help us determine if there are alternatives to the way we currently do transfers, etc. that might be less damaging to his well-being.  It kills me to see him in pain 24/7 and know I am the cause behind it.

…people who complain of being in unbearable pain who claim they’ve tried *everything* when they haven’t.  It’s getting harder and harder to hold my tongue when people go on and on in one breath about how out of control their pain levels are, and in the next tell you that they’re “just not ready to”  or “don’t want to” try opioids, or can’t take X drug because it causes an annoying side effect that they don’t like.  Seriously, if you’re really hurting that bad, you’ll be willing to try anything, or put up with the dry mouth/constipation/drowsiness some meds cause, to get even a modicum of relief from the pain. 

…the Water and Power Authority of the US Virgin Islands.  This last week, we had SEVEN power outages in four days.  SEVEN.  Thankfully, they were mostly short-lived, but there’s no reason at all the electricity should be going out that many times on bright sunny days, especially since we pay so much for the power we do get.

…people who really believe that the reason other people don’t like them is because “they’re just jealous.”  That goes double for those who think others are out to get them because they’re so beautiful.  It‘s not jealousy -- people genuinely don‘t like you, probably because you’re obnoxious in some way.  Stop relying on the self-esteem preserving excuse your Mommy used to protect her precious baby’s ego and start taking a long, hard look at yourself to find out just what it is that makes you so unlikable to so many people.  Everyone will be better for it.

…six episode cable TV seasons.  It’s annoying when a show airs its season finale the month after its season premiere, then disappears off the broadcast schedule for 10-12 months.

…writer’s block.  I have so much to say -- why the heck can’t I think of any of it when I sit down at my keyboard?

…the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan donut hole.  For those who aren’t familiar with it, this little bit of public policy BS is a gap in prescription drug benefits that requires people on Medicare to pay ~$4600 out of pocket in drug costs before catastrophic drug coverage kicks in.  I burn through my initial benefits and fall into the donut hole by mid-March, when I have to cough up close to $1700/month for my medications.  ($1100 of that pays for just two prescriptions, the OxyContin I take for pain, and Advair, which I just started on again after three good years without it after my breathing took a turn for the worse last month.)

…not being able to sleep.  I’m so tired all of the time anymore it’s ridiculous.

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